in print - and some sledging...

Summer for me means cricket, and the start of the season has meant a good few interesting days shooting earlier in May. Firstly, All Out Cricket magazine asked me to shoot Alastair Cook for their cover and feature. I've known Cooky for a while now and he is a top bloke, and he is always a pleasure to work with. We had a very brief 5 minutes to shoot a few images before he had to run off and practice - he couldn't wait to get out there - so much so he promptly made a century later that day...

Later in the month, I was also asked to shoot some portraits for Channel 5 of their commentators and the strangest thing happened. Whilst photographing Mark Nicholas, former England Captain and professional Yorkshireman Geoffrey Boycott came in the room and waited for his portrait. Cue some sledging from Boycs...

Me - "Mark could you stand here and look this way" Click, Click

Boycott - "What you doing, you've f****d up?

Click Click

Boycott - "how many f****g pictures are you taking, you f*****d up lad. 

Click click

Boycott "F***ing hell lad, you're useless, are you paid by the picture, Jesus Christ, you would not last long playing cricket, you're useless."

Click (me laughing, Mark Nicolas trying not to), Click.

Boycott "Are you taking the piss now, how many f***ing pictures do you need?"

This went on for the entire session with Mark. And then I had to take Geoffrey's picture.

Me "If you could stand here and look this way please"

Boycott "Now you get my best side lad, better photographers than you have told me which it is..."

It was the best shoot I have ever done. I want to take him on every shoot I ever go on, just to make me laugh so much and sledge me. Always. Thanks Geoffrey, you are a legend.