latest work

I was commissioned by British Airways to shoot a portrait with Georgia May Jagger set against one of the new designs to feature on one of their airplanes. All seemed to be going smoothly, we had a plane, a lovely sunny day and Georgia was on her way... that was until she hit a bit of Friday West London traffic... On any other job this would not be a problem, but the plane was scheduled to leave at 6pm, along with the daylight. So cue a bit of mild panic with he realisation that we could end up with no picture at all. Luckily she arrived with minutes to spare, so we quickly shot a few frames in the gloaming, then a few more and continued right up until they took the plane away. In the blink of an eye my assistants and I were left on an empty runway, no model, no make up and no plane and in the darkness. A fun shoot, and thanks to all those involved.